Wheelchair Vans Delivered Overseas? Yes!

Don't be surprised if you're touring Germany or Kuwait and see one of AMS Vans' wheelchair vans navigating the roads. Anyone in the world can shop on our website for an affordable, tailor-made for travel AMS Vans brand handicap van, but it takes a little more than a car carrier to deliver a modified van to the other side of the planet from Atlanta, GA. For offshore destinations, including Alaska and Hawaii, our vans take a cruise before they go ashore in the country of their happy owners. Here's what international AMS Vans shoppers need to know:

The vehicle-selection process is the same. Potential customers in the US and around the world browse our virtual showroom on the Internet, working with an expert mobility consultant via email and by phone to assess each customer's needs and determine which AMS Vans wheelchair van conversion will best suit them. After choosing a vehicle, the sales process and delivery differs between our US buyers and overseas buyers.

Delivery in the Continental US

AMS Vans handicap van buyers in the lower 48 have several options to take possession of their van--one of our mobility professionals will either drive the van to their location, haul it via car carrier, or the customer may pick up their modified wheelchair van themselves at our headquarters. Upon taking possession, they have the right of refusal (an ironclad AMS Vans policy) if the vehicle doesn't meet their expectations. Since we opened our doors in 1999, we've always earned a smile and a cashier's check for the balance on the van at delivery--a testament to our product and our service. It seems new owners are always beyond ready to give their new "wheels" a spin, but not before we present our complimentary White Glove Service to demonstrate how to operate the van and the conversion.

Overseas Delivery

Customers in all four corners of the globe are welcome to visit our Atlanta facility to take possession of their van, which would also give them the opportunity to explore the USA's abundance of wheelchair accessible attractions, including several in and around Atlanta. They will, however have to make arrangements to get the van home. If travel to our headquarters is not an option, the customer must make arrangements with an import broker to navigate official forms and procedures for vehicle importation, which differ by country. The import broker retains a shipping company, after which AMS Vans is notified and instructed to deliver the van (driven or by car carrier) to a specific US port city (Seattle, WA, Savannah, GA, San Diego, CA, Jacksonville, FL, etc.). When our company delivers the van, we receive a bill of lading to confirm the van was delivered to the shipping company safely. A ship brings the vehicle to the customer's nearest port city, where it is either picked up by the customer or delivered elsewhere according to the customer's arrangements. And there are other differences...

Before leaving our facility, the van must be paid for in full by our international customers, who won't have the option to refuse the van. They also forego our White Glove Service, but AMS Vans brand conversions are widely known for their simple design and operation, and a handbook which accompanies the van contains all the information they'll require to get on the road safely in no time. The time and effort it takes to have a wheelchair accessible van at their disposal is well worth it.

Every day, AMS Vans brings mobility independence to happy customers around the corner and around the world! Where can we deliver yours?