Illinois Wheelchair Accessible Destinations and Resources

Anchored by the majestic Chicago metropolis, Illinois wheelchair accessible destinations and resources make for an inviting adaptable vacation

Known as ‘the Corn State’ and the ‘Land of Lincoln’, the state of Illinois boasts the world’s first skyscraper and the first McDonald’s. However, this readily-adapted state also offers a long list of rich historic sites and entertainment options to rival any other state in the Union. Here are just a few of the indoor and outdoor opportunities.

Outdoor Wheelchair Accessible Destinations

For those lover’s of outdoor wheelchair accessible destinations, Illinois offers a variety of sports and sightseeing adventures that will impress even the most demanding traveler or vacationer. From zoos to playing fields, here are just a few of the exciting experiences that are waiting for you.

Sky Deck, Chicago. The Sky Deck is on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at a whopping 1,450 feet or 110 stories tall. The Sky Deck offers breathtaking views that allow visitors to see more than 50 miles and four states. The Sky Deck is completely wheelchair accessible. There are ramps that make wheelchair access easy, and the elevator can accommodate a wheelchair or scooter with no problem.

Navy Pier, Chicago. The Navy Pier, located along Lake Michigan, is packed with more than 50 miles of things to do--from parks, promenades, and gardens, to shops, restaurants, and a few surprises. Wheelchairs are available at the Family Pavilion near the West entrance, and at the East End Security Post as well. All levels of the pier are accessible by elevators. The East and West garages have accessible parking, including wheelchair van parking. The Pier is just one of many locations in Illinois that makes the state a hot spot for wheelchair travel.

Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield. Wild Encounters allows visitors to go behind the scenes of exhibits and help the keepers feed and take care of the animals. Motor Safari takes you around the zoo and has four different spots where you can get on and off. Wheelchairs are available for rent. However, quantities are limited and it's suggested to call in advance to reserve your equipment. To avoid any interruptions to your visit, ask a staff member for an "Access" sticker, which alerts the staff your mobility device is being used as an ADA personal mobility device.

Indoor Wheelchair Accessible Destinations

Kansas’ indoor wheelchair accessible destinations run the gamut from cultural showcase to artistic expression. Museums, theaters, and conservatories offer a variety of experiences for travelers and vacationers alike. Here are just a few of the opportunities you’ll find in this unique state.

Paramount Theatre, Aurora. The architecture alone is a reason to visit Paramount Theatre. The theatre opened in 1915 and was developed by the Aurora Theatre Company. The theme of the theatre was influenced by "Venice" and Art Deco designs of the 1920s and early 1930s. The Paramount Theatre is wheelchair accessible on the orchestra level. Each accessible seat is slightly elevated and can be easily removed. If you require the space for a wheelchair, an usher will remove the chair when you arrive. Restrooms are accessible on ground level or can be accessed by ramps.

Super Museum, Metropolis. Metropolis is home to Superman and the Super Museum! For comic-book fanatics, or simply superman fans, the Super Museum is the place to be. You'll see more than 20,000 items from the past 70 years — dating back to the first debut of the Man of Steel in 1938. Both the museum and the gift shop are wheelchair accessible.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago. Permanent collections and traveling exhibits are here to explore, offering a large diversity of cultures and artworks. Check out the current and upcoming traveling exhibits on the Art Institute of Chicago's website. The entire museum is wheelchair accessible. Keep in mind that the Michigan Avenue Entrance is wheelchair accessible, but no drop-offs are permitted. If you need/or would like to be dropped off, you must do so at the Modern Wing Entrance on Monroe Street.

Illinois Wheelchair Accessible Resources

Published by both organizations in the public and private sectors, the Internet offers Illinois wheelchair accessible resources to help you get the most of your visits. From guided assistance to mobility aids, you can request assistance with a few clicks of a mouse.

Chicago, Illinois Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide. Found at and published by, the city's wheelchair accessibility score is calculated based upon a conservative assessment of five critical components of a city’s accessibility.

City of Chicago. Published by the Mayor's Office and found at, The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) works to make Chicago the most accessible city in the nation on behalf of residents and visitors with disabilities.

Chicago Department of Aviation Accessibility Guide. Found at and published by the CDA. these resources assist travelers around Chicago's O'Hare Airport.