Alaska’s Wheelchair Accessible Destinations and Resources

With an enticing array of indoor and outdoor adventures, the final frontier of Alaska is much more accessible than you might realize

When you think of Alaska, there’s little doubt that the splendor of untouched natural beauty is the first thing that comes to mind. But what you might not realize is that this amazing state has made remarkable strides towards greater wheelchair accessibility for all of its indoor and outdoor attractions. Here are just a few of the adventures waiting for you in accessible Alaska.

Outdoor Wheelchair Accessible Destinations

Alaska is a veritable sportsperson’s paradise. From landscapes teeming with wildlife to majestic views that much be experienced to be appreciated, Alaska’s wheelchair accessible outdoor destinations offers something for the adventurer in you.

Prince William Sound, Whittier. Prince William Sound is certainly in a class by itself. describes this experience as ‘Beautiful! Breathtaking! Beyond Description! I have heard about Prince William Sound, but never imagined that it would be such an embracing sight’. There are a number of ways to take in Prince William Sound, including wheelchair accessible boat tours and railroad tours.

Northern Lights, Fairbanks. Also known as the aurora borealis, the prime viewing season for one of the most visually spectacular sights in the United States is in the dead of winter, when it's dark and frigid in Alaska. If you're an adventurous wheelchair user, bundle up and get out there in in the middle of the night in January or February for electric views beyond compare.

Chena Hot Springs Resort & Ice Museum, Fairbanks. Imagine relaxing in therapeutic hot springs watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky. The 100+ year-old Chena Hot Springs Resort is open every day of the year. It's "the most developed hot springs destination in Alaska." The resort is wheelchair accessible, and the natural, outdoor hot springs Rock Lake is accessible with assistance.

Indoor Wheelchair Accessible Destinations

While the outdoors is certainly something to rave about, Alaska’s indoor accessible adventures are just as exciting. From history to culture and beyond, those visitors with limitations that keep them indoors will find just as much to enjoy. Every city in this state holds a wealth of opportunities to learn and enjoy — and you’ll be pleased at the increased wheelchair accessibility built into these attractions.

Anchorage Museum, Anchorage. Discover the story of Alaska—its vision, spirit, and culture—at the Anchorage Museum through art, history, and science. The museum houses artwork by Alaskans and artists worldwide in permanent exhibits and more than 20 touring exhibitions each year. This wheelchair accessible museum has a gift shop and restaurant called Muse on the premises.

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, Fairbanks. Every motorcar in this collection was handpicked for either its historical significance, technological innovation or rarity. Both rare and historically significant is the car that was the territory's very first automobile, built in 1905 by a man who had never seen a motor car before. In 2012, popular travel site awarded the museum its prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. You 'auto' not miss this wheelchair accessible museum!

Alaska Raptor Center, Sitka. Here's what Candy Harrington, known as the 'guru of accessible travel', says about the Alaska Raptor Center: "The Alaska Raptor Center features excellent access. Their mission is to treat, rehabilitate, and release injured raptors (hawks, eagles, falcons, and other birds of prey) back into the wild while providing a safe home for those raptors too injured”. There's wheelchair accessible fun throughout our 49th state, and it's no wonder their state flower is the wild forget-me-not. Your vacation to the Alaskan wild won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Alaska’s Wheelchair Accessible Resources

As you put together your vacation plan to Alaska piece by piece, you’ll be impressed by the digital and physical resources dedicated to giving you access to almost everything you want to see and do. Here are just a few of the tools at your disposal as you schedule this once-in-a-lifetime experience to one of the most impressive states in our country.

Visit Anchorage Alaska. Found at, this website is one of the most comprehensive collections of information on wheelchair accessibility for experiences in Anchorage and beyond. You can schedule mobility equipment, acquire partner guides, and purchase tickets to the most exciting experiences in the state.

Accessible Juneau. The Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau is another excellent resource for accessibility information to one of Alaska’s biggest and best cities for visitors. From accessible public transportation and lodging to wheelchair rentals, visit for the latest in availability. Wheelchair Accessible RV Parks. For those who loving camping in your RVs, Alaska is dotted with an array of wheelchair accessible camping sites that are ready for you. Visit for the latest information on locations and reservations.