What are Adaptive Steering Controls?

Leading-edge adaptive steering system technology is consistently evolving

For those persons with disabilities that desire to drive the wheelchair-accessible van they purchase, AMS Vans offers a selection of adaptive steering systems that fit a variety of specific needs.

Adaptive steering controls go beyond steering and braking

No matter what your particular physical disability might be — limited tensor control, wrist or grip weakness, prosthetic hooks, etc. — we can install an adaptive steering system to solve your toughest challenges.

Also, you can request additional options that not only empower you to drive, but can make driving your new or used wheelchair-accessible vehicle a joy — options that include:

  • Interchangeable knob and foam grips
  • Horn and/or headlight dimmer
  • Spinner knobs and amputee driver rings
  • Palm grip, V-grip, tri-pin, and single-pin attachments

Our expert technicians are specially-trained to install and service the adaptive steering control system technologies that make true mobility freedom possible for you or your family member.

For more information on adaptive steering controls, contact one of our knowledgeable, compassionate mobility specialists — either by phone at 800-391-1518 or using our convenient web form — and, we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.