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Hand controls for a wheelchair van or other vehicle allow people with physical limitations the ability to drive independently. These systems are beneficial to drivers with disabilities ranging from amputees, wheelchair users, stroke survivors, and many others. Hand controls can be paired with other steering wheel options to become adaptive driving systems, and they're available in many different configurations to meet your disability needs. Typically mounted below the steering wheel and attached to the pedals themselves, hand controls allow the driver to operate both the brake and accelerator using levers. The levers also won't interfere with standard driving, leaving the option open for another driver who has no disability. In addition to primary hand control systems that operate the gas and brake pedals, secondary units are available to operate the blinkers, windshield wipers, and gear shifts. AMS Vans wants to make it possible for our customers to drive safely, so we offer a variety of hand control modifications that assist with all these functions for handicap vans and other vehicles. Listed below are the both the brand and type of hand control mobility equipment offered to make your driving experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Price does not include tax.

Available Brands of Hand Controls:

  • Mobility Products & Design

  • Monarch

  • Sure Grip

Available Types of Hand Controls:

Push/Right Angle Style Hand Controls These hand controls are easily operated by persons with limited finger dexterity. To operate the brake, push the handle upward, and to accelerate, push downward and to the right. Push/Pull Style Hand Controls This type of hand control is also suited for those with limited finger dexterity and is easily operated. To brake, push forward on the handle and to accelerate, pull it backwards. In addition, a three-post hand interface can be installed that allows the user to maintain constant contact with the handle. Push/Rock Style Hand Controls Even drivers with no finger dexterity can operate this type of hand control. With a simple push forward the brake is engaged; rock it back to accelerate. Push/Rotate Style Hand Controls While full or limited finger function is required for this hand control, it is still easily operated. To brake, push the handle forward, and to accelerate, twist the handle.

Additional Driver Aids for Hand Controls or Stand-Alone Products:

Right Hand Turn Signal Extension Lever Attached to a left hand turn signal, this extension lever allows a driver to operate the turn signal using the right hand. Left Foot Gas Pedal Accelerator The left foot accelerator allows the vehicle's gas pedal to be used with the left foot while the right accelerator is protected by a pedal guard. With so many combinations of hand controls and mobility accessories, finding the right fit for your individual needs and safe driving experience is a snap. Once you and your doctor have determined what sort of hand control and mobility accessories you may need, AMS Vans has what you need. Hand controls that push and pull, twist, and rock, AMS Vans has mobility consultants standing by right now to assist you with finding the right hand controls and mobility accessories for your disability.

NOTE: This mobility equipment item must be professionally installed to fit your wheelchair van or vehicle at the AMS Vans LLC. handicap van dealership location in Atlanta, GA. Due to legal requirements, direct shipping is not available. Price includes installation.

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