Wheelchair Lifts for Vans

AMS Vans LLC. offers several wheelchair lifts for vans to travel safely with a wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter. Interior and exterior lift styles vary according to your vehicle type. Installing a lift or platform carrier for personal and commercial lifts can benefit those with some additional power and ambulatory capabilities, and be an economical, safe choice for storing mobility equipment. We install wheelchair lifts and platform carriers at our locations across the United States and partners. Call for location details. Installing an interior or exterior wheelchair, scooter and power chair carrier for your vehicle is a safe, economical solution to storing your mobility equipment during travel. Platform carriers and lifts eliminate the possible injuries associated with manually loading mobility equipment into an automobile. AMS Vans LLC. offers choices in both exterior and interior platform carriers and powered lifts. Our mobility consultants will happily discuss the right platform carrier for both your vehicle and mobility equipment.