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Stock # 23040297
Used Wheelchair Van for Sale - 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Wheelchair Accessible Van VIN: 2C4RC1BG0JR114277
2018 Chrysler
Pacifica Touring L
95,551 miles
Rear Entry Long
Braun Long Channel Rear Entry
Location: Call For Details
Stock # 23020343
Used Wheelchair Van for Sale - 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Wheelchair Accessible Van VIN: 2C4RDGCG4DR749599
2013 Dodge
Grand Caravan SXT
Pending Sale
220,433 miles
Rear Entry Long
ATS Long Channel Rear Entry
Location: Call For Details
Stock # 23070073
Used Wheelchair Van for Sale - 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Wheelchair Accessible Van VIN: 2C4RDGBG7FR540569
2015 Dodge
Grand Caravan SE
Pending Sale
90,992 miles
Rear Entry Long
Long Channel Rear Entry
Location: Call For Details
Stock # 23060002
Used Wheelchair Van for Sale - 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger 2500 Wheelchair Accessible Van VIN: WDZPE7DD9GP283506
2016 Mercedes-Benz
Sprinter Passenger 2500
Pending Sale
68,598 miles
AMS Sprinter Rear Lift
Location: Houston, TX
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Buying Used Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair-accessible vans are an important part of an independent lifestyle for a person with mobility-related disabilities. But what if you can't afford a new wheelchair van? That's where used wheelchair-accessible vans come in.

A used wheelchair van is one in which both the vehicle chassis and the conversion are pre-owned. It was converted at some point in the past, used and loved, then sold or traded in towards a new wheelchair van.

Like the traditional automotive industry, a pre-owned vehicle is a popular choice for those who don't need the latest and greatest or who want to keep to a lower price or monthly payment. Although the vehicle is pre-owned, you should still expect to receive excellent quality and value that will last for as long as possible and perform reliably.

Looking for used wheelchair vans for sale? Here’s why AMS Vans is the best way to buy one.

AMS Vans is the most reliable source for a used wheelchair-accessible vehicle and offers a wide selection of inventory options. We have the most thorough reconditioning process in the mobility vehicle industry, so you can be sure that your used wheelchair van will be in great condition and stand the test of time.

Pre-owned wheelchair vans have likely been through a lot of use, and due to the nature of a post-manufacturing conversion, it is crucial that when you make your vehicle purchase, you get full transparency on the used wheelchair van’s condition or under-cover issues. Every day, wheelchair users are tricked into buying an unreliable vehicle at a price that was too good to be true and find themselves in a tough situation.

That's where AMS Vans comes in. You’ll immediately notice the amount of transparency we have upfront, on both new and used handicap vans. Every vehicle in stock has a price clearly posted on every wheelchair van in inventory. We also provide a 360-degree, interactive photobooth experience on each vehicle in stock so you can get a clear, detailed understanding of your wheelchair van as if you were there in person.

We provide a free Carfax report on all wheelchair vans in stock that give our customers peace of mind. In fact, before you buy a used handicap van from another dealer, please request a Carfax report on their vehicle to make sure that you don’t get dinged later for frame damage, accident history, etc. that a Carfax report would have identified. Unfortunately, there are many dealers out there that convert damaged vehicles or vehicles with salvaged titles in order to offer a lower price on vans in stock. Every single wheelchair user should have peace of mind when buying their handicap van.

The thorough inventory photos, Carfax report, industry-leading reconditioning process, etc. make shopping online possible for used wheelchair-accessible vans.

Searching for pre-owned wheelchair vans for sale? Here are ways to buy.

Customers usually have a preference with how they like to access inventory based on a variety of factors such as location, price, trade-in options, state law, personal reasons, how they like to connect with people in general. So, it's important to know what options are available to you when starting your search, and certainly before you're willing to submit your contact information.

For people in locations that are far away from the nearest mobility dealer, sometimes making the purchase online is the only viable option. Doing so can feel different or scarier than how you may have purchased a car in the past. On top of that, handicap vans are very personal and need to fit your wheelchair or allow you to drive from the steering wheel position if needed. AMS Vans has mastered the art of selling remotely by doing it for over 20 years. Any other local dealer may have just begun to sell remotely during the COVID pandemic. We take every remote customer through a personalized needs assessment to determine which van will fit best for them, at a fair price. Do this for so long, we've reached a point where we're confident that every van will be the right fit when it arrives at your driveway.

Because of our fair prices that are transparently shown on every van in stock, and because of our thorough photography process, you can have total peace of mind that what you see is what you'll get as if you were looking at the van at a local dealer. If you have other passengers that will be in the van with you, we'll also gather that information. Wheelchair vans shouldn't just be comfortable for the wheelchair user, but for their family and loved ones too.

Wheelchair users or caregivers that live in a metropolitan area likely have access to more locations that sell vans that are wheelchair accessible. In fact, you may be within a short distance of one of our several physical locations across the country. We have 4.8 stars on Google with over 17,000 customers served, by either selling online or in person. Each location is prepared to give you an excellent experience with an in-person needs assessment, review of features, take you on a test drive, or even give you a more thorough overview of handicap vehicles and how to navigate the shopping experience.

If you see a van on this page that you love, you can fill out a form by clicking "request info" on any van. If we don't have the van at that physical location, we are able to put it on a transport truck and bring it to you.

When searching for wheelchair vans for sale, it's important to know what type of financing benefits you have. Not all dealers provide simple, in-house financing options. We work with several banks to find the best option for you, your budget, and your credit score. Monthly payments will vary based on rate and down payment, and you shouldn't have to figure that out on your own. Our friendly consultants or in-house finance manager can help you nail down the monthly payment that you desire, for a wide range of credit scores and vehicle prices. Not all applicants can be approved, but our access to several banks increases your chances to get a van at our fair price.

After you find a van you love, apply for your loan, and sign all relevant financing documents, you're good to go. It really is that easy and starts when you connect with one of our consultants by chatting, calling, or filling out a form.

What Determines the Price of a Used or Pre Owned Wheelchair van?

There are several factors that affect the price. Namely, entry point (rear-entry vs side-entry), mileage, condition, and conversion type.

The entry point and conversion type on the vehicle is one of the main aspects that affect the price because of the difference in complexity to convert side entry wheelchair vans vs. rear entry wheelchair vans. Side entry vehicles require a more complex conversion from more of the frame needing to be cut to make space for the lowered floor and more spacious entry. Rear entry is less intrusive to the original vehicle and is, therefore, less expensive. Less of the frame needs to be cut, but it's also less spacious and the "accessible area" usually sits behind everyone else instead of being in the middle, among the other passengers. Although it's a more affordable option, not everyone wants to ride in the back while everyone else can ride in the front. In-floor side-entry ramps are the gold standard for maximizing usable space and even allow ambulatory passengers to enter and exit the van without deploying the ramp, but that is the most complex and expensive option, for good reason. So, in summary, side entry vehicles and rear entry vehicles perform different functions that benefit people differently based on their situation.

Mileage is another big determining factor in the price of used vehicles that you don't need to worry about with new vehicles. The reason is probably pretty clear for anyone who has ever purchased a van, car, truck, or wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Mileage makes an even greater impact when it comes to a side-entry or rear-entry mobility vehicle. Just like the original vehicle will age with mileage, so does the conversion. This is why it is important to work with reputable dealers like AMS Vans or Vantage Mobility International so that you know the conversion was built to last. Not all conversion companies were created equal and smaller, less reputable side-entry or rear-entry conversion companies build less reliable products that may work well to start, but will quickly degrade over time.

The condition affects the price of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversion because it is a determining factor for the remaining comfort and longevity. Especially if the used vehicle was part of a prior sale or two, every turn of ownership wears on the van, its price, and reliability. Large conversion companies like AMS Vans and Vantage Mobility International have a greater capability to recondition used vehicles so that they'll last longer for wheelchair users.