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Stock # 23070041
Used Wheelchair Van for Sale - 2016 Ford Transit 250 Cargo Wheelchair Accessible Van VIN: 1FTYR2CG3GKB21620
2016 Ford
Transit 250 Cargo
Pending Sale
56,892 miles
Side or Rear Entry Lift
Braun Ford Transit Side Lift
Location: Cincinnati
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ADA-compliant mobility vans are ideal for lots of different reasons and uses, giving you the space and accessibility capabilities that you require. Ford wheelchair vans are one of the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicles for commercial and personal transport. They accommodate those who are in a wheelchair with the right type of van conversion.

If you or a loved one cannot get in and out of a regular car because of mobility issues, a wheelchair van can make all the difference for your quality of life. Rear and side lifts and ramps that allow the wheelchair user to get in and out of the vehicle without leaving the wheelchair make it much easier to get around. A Ford Transit wheelchair van is full-size and ADA compliant, which means that they offer the most comfort, convenience and safety for your money.